enneagram consultation
& education

Engaging the wisdom of the Enneagram, we offer resources for deepening self-awareness, nurturing compassion for self and others, and building generative relationships that lead to greater freedom.


for individuals

Typing interview – We support individuals in discerning their Enneagram type so they they can awaken to the habits and patterns of their personality 

Consultation – We help individuals understand their Enneagram type more fully so that they can grow toward greater choice and freedom in their lives

The fee for an individual Enneagram Typing Interview or Consultation is $150 for a 50-minute session.

If you are interested in scheduling an Enneagram typing interview or consultation, please contact us.


for groups

Workshops – We offer half day introductory workshops for groups and organizations to learn about the Enneagram system and begin to apply it in their settings

Trainings – We provide customized trainings for organizations who are interested in helping participants engage the Enneagram in relationships, team-building, leadership, communications, and more

The standard fee for workshops and trainings for small non-profits is $1200 for a half-day (3-4 hours), $2400 for a full day (7-8 hours), and for businesses and large non-profits is $2500 for a half-day, and $5000 for a full day.

If you would like to learn more about an Enneagram workshop or training for your group, business, or organization, please contact us.