the nine enneagram types

The Heart Center

With a primary emotional issue of sadness or distress, heart types are concerned about affection and esteem, drawing their value and worth from the response received from others.

Type 2

Strengths – Caring, helpful, supportive, relationship-oriented, optimistic, generous, nurturing, advice-giving

Challenges – Prideful, intrusive, unable to say no, indirect regarding needs, over-accommodating

Motivation – To receive affirmation by meeting the needs of others

Focus of Attention – Other people’s needs

Type 3

Strengths – Industrious, goal-focused, success-oriented, efficient, confident, enthusiastic, ambitious, caring through doing

Challenges – Impatient, inattentive to feelings, competitive, rushed, self-promoting, driven, over-extended

Motivation – To receive recognition for accomplishments

Focus of Attention – Tasks to do

Type 4

Strengths – Idealistic, deeply-feeling, sensitive, empathetic, intense, feel special and unique, creative, authentic, expressive

Challenges – Dramatic, moody, self-conscious, unsatisfied, self-absorbed

Motivation – To continue the longing; meaning making

Focus of Attention – What’s missing

The Head Center

With a primary emotional issue of fear, head types are concerned about safety and security, gathering information in order to mitigate uncertainty or potential loss.

Type 5

Strengths – Self-sufficient, undemanding, knowledgeable, inquisitive, objective, analytical, systematic

Challenges – Withholding, detached, non-sharing, remote, miserly with feelings, overly-private

Motivation – To protect energy & resources

Focus of Attention – Intrusion, Knowledge

Type 6

Strengths – Trustworthy, loyal, responsible, dutiful, collaborative, analytical, persevering

Challenges – Doubtful, skeptical, uncertain, worrying, vigilant, overly-cautious, unceasing questioning

Motivation – To be safe by anticipating possible harm

Focus of Attention – Worst case scenario

Type 7

Strengths – Optimistic, upbeat, charming, exuberant, spontaneous, versatile, joyful, pleasure-seeking, quick-thinking, adventurous, open-minded

Challenges – Pain-avoidant, inconsiderate, unfocused, uncommitted, authority-rejecting, self-serving

Motivation – To be stimulated, to feel pleasure

Focus of Attention – Pleasant options

The Body Center

With a primary emotional issue of anger, body types are concerned about power and control, devoting themselves to fairness that often results in self-forgetting.

Type 8

Strengths – Justice-seeking, direct, strong, declarative, assertive, self-reliant, confident, protective of others, take-charge attitude

Challenges – Heavy-handed, intimidating, excessive, demanding, impatient, dominating, impulsive, intense

Motivation – To protect self and others from vulnerability; to have an impact

Focus of Attention – Power and control

Type 9

Strengths – Adaptable, harmony-seeking, pleasing, comfortable, accepting, humble, easy-going, inclusive, caring, steady

Challenges – Conflict-avoidant, resistant, self-forgetting, stubborn, indecisive

Motivation – To keep the peace by seeking harmony and avoiding conflict

Focus of Attention – Other people’s agendas

Type 1

Strengths – Conscientious, responsible, improvement-oriented, consistent, precise, detail-oriented, committed to fairness

Challenges – Critical, inflexible, opinionated, judgmental, resentful, self-judging

Motivation – To reform and improve

Focus of Attention – Error, mistakes

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